Permanent Access - Roof Walkways & Ramps


Craig Engineering Total Access Systems Ltd., design, manufacture & install bespoke & proprietary steel and aluminium walkways systems.

With our bespoke 'in house' manufacturing service we design high quality roof access walkways and platforms to suit special installation requirements; where off the shelf equipment is not suitable. All designs comply with EU, British Standards and the Health & Safety Directive.

High quality Proprietary systems offered are constructed in lightweight aluminium materials and like our bespoke products, incorporate a non slip walk way surface, to accommodate safe access in most weather conditions.

Walkway systems are designed for durability and ease of installation and are efficiently installed by our own experienced site installation engineers.

Our walkway systems can be designed to interface with other access products, as required e.g. companion ladders, vertical ladders and stairways.

Roof Walkway Systems


Craig Engineering Total Access Systems Ltd. design, manufacture and install galvanized steel access ramps.

Access ramps provide safe and efficient access for the transfer of heavy goods and materials, over roof obstructions (i.e. service pipes) and altering roof levels.

Roof Access Ramps

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